A Mouse Carol - White Panel

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Our fabrics are priced by the yard or by the panel, note listing and image.

Fabric Overview (all bases may not be available):

  • Cotton Lycra - 95% Cotton/5% Lycra  WOF is 58/60" - Cotton Lycra is great for garments where you require 4 way stretch. Our cotton lycra has amazing rebound and a silky soft hand!
  • Cotton Woven - 58/60" WOF 100% Cotton Woven - Our woven fabric is soft, pliable and flows.  It is hard to come across a nice custom woven but we have it!

Our fabrics are manufactured in China with Grade 4 dye and high quality  base fabrics.  All fabrics are treated with harsh chemicals in the manufacturing process.  These chemicals do not smell "good" and often times can resemble the smell of smoke at first smell.  This smell goes away with washing.  However, please check your fabric BEFORE you wash as washing will void your ability to return the fabric, even if flawed.


Terms and Conditions of Purchase :

SHIPPING (applicable to both pre-order and retail): Our shipping is determined by weight by our website when you checkout. If you are overcharged for shipping i will do refunds. But please understand that i do these in one sitting at the very end of cutting a round. I will refund shipping overages over $1.  We do NOT allow combined shipments of multiple orders.

All Priority mail shipments (PFRE and larger) come with an automatic $50 in free insurance coverage for lost, damaged packages.  if your shipment is valued more than $50 and you want it insured for higher, please submit a customer service request (with order number) on our website.  Failure to do so will result in your order being shipped with maximum of $50 insurance.


FLAWS: In the custom printing process, flaws are bound to happen. I do my best to look over the fabric for flaws but at times, something might not be noticeable upon cutting. We will NOT discount for any flaw less than a quarter in size or within 6 inches of the selvages.  If you receive a fabric with a flaw larger than a quarter or greater than 6 inches from the selvage please email orders@kammieloulou.com. We will either discount your yardage or accept the fabric back for a refund.  Due to the custom nature of the product, we cannot guarantee that we will have yardage in stock to replace your order.

Lastly, please, if you are ever unhappy or concerned about something, please PM me or email me. I am very easy to work with and ultimately want you to be happy. I am human, I make mistakes from time to time. If you are unhappy, i need to be aware of it. I cannot fix, what I don't know is broken. I appreciate your understanding.