Retail - Bag Makers Delight - Holographic Quilted Vinyl (42289)

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Kammieland is proud to now offer a vast array of vinyl and PU films to enhance your crafting projects.  The vast array of designs and colors is sure to fit your every desire.


Our vinyl and PU Films are sold in a multitude of sizes in retail.  For pre-order we are offering larger cuts and discounted rates.  Product is pre-cut and will be sent in that way.  Continuous cuts are only available upon request.  DO NOT LEAVE A NOTE REQUESTING.  Please email us at: so that we can address your order individually.


Product Overview:

Embossed PU Vinyl
.7 - .8mm

Color Card
Shoe Upper/Bag/Handbag/Purse/Wallet/Earring/DIY Accessories/Garment etc.