Retail R25: Pixie Dreams - DRAGONS YELLOW

Regular price $26.00

Listings are for 1 Yard (36" x 60") cut along selvage for all prints. 

Please note that all fabric with a glitter appearance is simulated. No actual glitter or metallic paint exists on our products.

Fabric Options

  • Cotton Lycra - 95% Cotton/5% Lycra  WOF is 60" - Cotton Lycra is great for garments where you require 4 way stretch. Our cotton lycra has amazing rebound and a silky soft hand!
  • Premium Cotton Woven - 100% Cotton Woven - Our woven fabric is soft, pliable and flows.  It is hard to come across a nice custom woven but we have it!
  • Minky (Double High Pile) - 100% Polyester - Our woven fabric is soft, pliable and flows.  It is hard to come across a nice custom woven but we have it!
  • Cotton Canvas – 100% Cotton Canvas – great for making bags or any other product that requires a strong weave than your traditional cotton woven fabric.



WHOLESALE PRICING: If you order 15 yards or more of a single print, single colorway, I will discount the cost by 10%. Unfortunately, our website can't handle this per piece discount so you will need to checkout at full price. Then, PM me and I will immediately refund the discount back to you 

 Terms and Conditions of Purchase:

LAYAWAY IS AVAILABLE. There is a $100 per round MINIMUM to do layaway. In the event that you fail to pay your layaway invoice your invoice will be cancelled and yardage forfeited. We do not issue any refunds on the deposit.  The code to do layaway is LAYAWAY

SHIPPING: Our shipping is determined by weight by our website when you checkout. If you are overcharged for shipping i will do refunds. But please understand that i do these in one sitting at the very end of cutting a round. I will refund shipping overages over $1.  Please plan for an approximate 8-14 week turn around time on pre-orders. 

FLAWS: In the custom printing process, flaws are bound to happen. I do my best to look over the fabric for flaws but at times, something might not be noticeable upon cutting. We will NOT discount for any flaw less than a quarter in size or within 6 inches of the selvages.  If you receive a fabric with a flaw larger than a quarter or greater than 6 inches from the selvage please email We will either discount your yardage or accept the fabric back for a refund.  Due to the custom nature of the product, we cannot guarantee that we will have yardage in stock to replace your order.  Full terms and conditions of purchase can be found here on our website:

Lastly, please, if you are ever unhappy or concerned about something, please PM me or email me. I am very easy to work with and ultimately want you to be happy. I am human, I make mistakes from time to time. If you are unhappy, i need to be aware of it. I cannot fix, what I don't know is broken. I appreciate your understanding.