Special Pre-order Run for the Castle - Marathon - Cheers to 30 Years - Specialty Printed Vinyl

Regular price $22.50

Specialty Vinyl bases sold in 18" x WOF rolls and will not be continuous.

Areas of the design that have "white" coloring can appear as a missed spot on the vinyl but this is not the case, this is part of the design and we will not refund or return any pieces for this reason. 

Please note that any notes you leave will NOT be seen by our staff.  To relay any information to us, please email: orders@kammieloulou.com

FLAWS: In the custom printing process, flaws are bound to happen. I do my best to look over the fabric for flaws but at times, something might not be noticeable upon cutting. We will NOT discount for any flaw less than a quarter in size or within 6 inches of the selvages.  If you receive a fabric with a flaw larger than a quarter or greater than 6 inches from the selvage please email orders@kammieloulou.com. We will either discount your yardage or accept the fabric back for a refund.  Due to the custom nature of the product, we cannot guarantee that we will have yardage in stock to replace your order.